With 25 years of kitchen experience, Randy Gallant decided to venture out on his own and purchase a food truck. Finally stumbling upon a Crepe truck, Randy transformed his new required truck into gourmet burger truck.

Setting up shop for the first time at Home Depot on Centennial Parkway in Hamilton, Ontario, The Curbside Burger Truck was a regular and popular truck in the Hamilton area.


in March 2016, the popularity of the food truck led to seek a space where Randy could prepare his food for his busy days in the truck. It made perfect sense to find a brick and mortar home for Curbside Burgers in the Crown Point neighborhood in the revitalizing project of Ottawa Street.

With the dine in restaurant being a success and fitting right into the Ottawa Street family, it was time to retire the truck and to grow the restaurant.


With the transformation from a truck to a dine in restaurant, Curbside Grill has become a regular spot in the East Hamilton neighbourhood. Randy's plunge to live his dream has become a reality where he still gets to love what he does, serve patrons with a smile. 

When you come into The Curbside Grill there is always 2 guarantees:

A man happy to serve and get to know you and DAMN GOOD FOOD.

224 Ottawa St.N.

T. 905-393-0757

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